How Ruby’s Death Has Led Us to Our First Fundraiser

As most of you know, wonderful Ruby died unexpectedly at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center in September.  Medical reports indicate that she died of Malignant Catarrhal Fever (MCF), which is extremely… Continue reading

Our New Goat Friends

Jack and Laverne (formerly Gavin and Gwendolyn) arrived on Father’s Day after being treated and rehabilitated at Farm Sanctuary in New York.  They were rescued during the largest cockfighting bust in New York… Continue reading

Gilda is excited to meet her new goat friends

And Winston will be reunited with someone who rescued him in NYC!

Making Maple Syrup – Part Two

  After a few weeks, we collected about 45 gallons of maple sap from 12 taps.  Though all of the tapped trees are quite mature, I found that some trees produced a lot… Continue reading

We Have a Farm Sign!

We finally have a sign for our farm. It was designed and painted by the fabulous Susan Sanchez Murphy, who also painted the sign for Max Hansen’s Carversville Grocery store. Her husband, Ed,… Continue reading

Making Maple Syrup – Part One

Maple syrup is awesome.  After learning about the process of tapping maple trees and boiling their sap to make syrup, we decided to try making our own this year.  Once I began trying… Continue reading

The Miracle in Our Bathtub

Yesterday, poor Maude appeared egg-bound (i.e. she was unable to lay the egg inside of her and we could feel it in her.)  Though she was eating and drinking, we could tell that… Continue reading

Winston’s Nap With the Gals

Today, I caught Winston having a great nap while the gals continue their bale attack.

Looking Back and Future Goals

2013 was an exciting year on the farm.  We moved here because we really wanted to adopt farm animals and live in the country.  So even though our house is still under renovation… Continue reading

Season’s Greetings